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Day 5, 6 & 7

So i put these three days together, because i forgot to post, but also because I had a pretty bad stomach ache. As you may recall I had asked the nutritionist about what to do. She suggested many things, but to really increase my water. So before I eat or drink anything, I chug two large glasses of water. It is the easiest way for me to get all the water in. And the earlier in the day I can do it, the more likely it is to get done.

Day 5 was lot of dealing with all the GI issues. The food was kind of on repeat as I was not in the mood to be that creative. By day 6 I was perking up a little. I decided to make creamed spinach (without the cream) and baby potatoes. It was really yummy and the first thing I had eaten where I felt normal. I think all that I had been experiencing was part of the withdrawal from not eating all of those inflammatory foods.

I made myself a mug cake from rice flour, the prep took much longer than the cook time. Ready in 30 seconds, it was a very nice treat. The only problem, the chocolate triggered my acid reflux, so I think I will stay away from that for a while.

I got my 100 oz of water in. It helped that I already drink a lot of water. By day 7, we got a little surprise. We were told we could introduce two fruits at a time back into rotation. This was great news because I LOVE fruit. I made myself some almond flour pancakes with lots of blueberries. Finally, my stomach stopped hurting, but was still a little bloated.

But the biggest surprise of all, I got on the scale and was down 1.2 pounds. That weight had been stuck like it was planted in cement. That was a great side effect of trying to work on feeling better.

As I am starting week 2, I have a few questions for myself. Am I going to go back to how I was eating? Will I be able to maintain what I have learned? Will I have the same issues when I am done with this?

But the one truly amazing thing I have discovered is that I am capable of making these changes that I thought were not possible. I also have the determination and will power to stick to the mission at hand.

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