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"[Kamna] is so nonjudgmental and that allowed me to be honest with [her] and myself. I have let go of a lot of worries that I can’t do anything about. That is probably one of the best things and a very pleasant surprise. "


"I have never had my feelings validated the way I have these past months. Kamna listens, and then makes me feel validated in a way that I never have. She really makes me feel 'normal' and like she 'gets me.'"


"[Kamna] helped me with these goals by making me realize that even little things done daily add up to big results. Overall, I am so much calmer and serene. I feel really good about myself and my ability to continue to improve and move forward. "


"I truly enjoyed my time with Kamna. I feel like I was able to make changes in myself that I have longed to do for so long. I feel happier and more secure in my weight loss"


"Kamna is kind, funny, a great listener, problem solver and compassionate. I recommend her for anyone looking for self-improvement"


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