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Post Cleanse Analysis

So the cleanse is over and I have had a couple of days to really think about what the process was like and what the results are like.

When I started out I had a determination and intention to do this cleanse very seriously. I wanted to follow everything to the letter and not give in to temptations. I always thought I was very weak, especially if I saw a delicious cake or fresh bread in front of me. This was the first lesson. I can do anything once I am determined and also when equipped with the right information. Going into something, determined to do something without a plan is a sure way to ensure you don't complete the task. Knowing what to eat, what to grocery shop for, what to avoid, and why was so helpful.

At the beginning of this cleanse, I was dealing with a cough, that I have had on and off for most of my life. It drives people crazy around me, and makes them worry that something is wrong with me. I also had an issue when I ate, then I was immediately bloated. I had seen many doctors about my cough so I knew nothing was medically wrong. I knew both the cough and the bloating would probably be helped by the cleanse. I had no idea that the cough would be gone. In the grand scheme of things, 15 days doesn't seem like a lot of time to effect a change. But the removal of certain inflammatory foods helped reduce the acid reflux, which in turn actually got rid of the cough. This has been a phenomenal development. That cough caused so many other problems, lack of sleep, stomach aches... I am relieved to know that food can change things for the better.

The bloating I am still working on. I think I probably need to do this program for longer to see a real change.

I talked to the nutritionist about adding foods back and she gave me clear instructions on how to add foods back and how to cook the lentils. All the questions I had she answered. Also another important piece of this puzzle. Having someone to ask questions to was so helpful. The few things I have reintroduced have caused some stomach discomfort, so I will be more careful.

The bigger take away from doing this cleanse was very affirming to me. I had done my training to become a health coach with the premise that the gut holds 70% of our immune system and most diseases begin in the gut. Therefore altering what and how we eat can affect our health, especially long term. Seeing it happen in real life, with my own perspective was very eye opening. Advocating for people to be mindful of the quality of ingredients they consume, plus knowing the things that are causing issues and should be eliminated is very important to ail the problems that plague us every day. Our lifestyles, quality of our foods, and stress have increased exponentially from even 10 years ago. We can't live the same way we used to because everything around us is different. So making the dietary changes as a first step was very important. And as a skeptical person, I needed to see it for myself.

Going forward, I think I will retain quite a few things that I learned. I think I will eliminate dairy and gluten completely, except for the rare item (like birthday cake). I am also going to go back to stopping eating by 7:30 pm. It was better for me and I think I slept better, I am definitely going to keep my water consumption at around 100 oz. And I am going to increase my vegetable consumption.

I am very happy with the progress I have seen so far, and appreciate you reading about my journey. I am posting a picture of the bloating before and after. I judge myself so critically, but the only way I can make a real change is by accepting things as they are and improving what I know will work.

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