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Day 9, 10 and 11

I have been very busy with lots of projects and class work. So this blog slipped my mind. OOPS! The past few days the food has been on repeat because I haven't had much time to be creative and cook something interesting. I was drinking a banana smoothie and eating the flattened rice (poha) with vegetables for lunch, edamame for snack and almond flour tortillas plus some vegetable for dinner. I think the past two days it was okra. I also found mango and since it is one of the safe fruits, I have been in heaven. Today I made a vegetable rice dish in the instant pot. It was good, but I am still learning to use that thing and I think I added a little too much water. I also added cauliflower today. We are supposed to add cruciferous vegetables back slowly and see how we feel. So far so good.

This morning I woke up and I realized for the first time in a long time, my stomach felt great. I was a little skeptical that any real change could happen so quickly. But the bloat and discomfort were pretty much gone. I had another surprising realization today. It may be anecdotal or placebo effect, but I was sitting on the ground and I had no pain in my joints. There is always a baseline of pain. It is my age I suppose. But today I had none. Again, I don't know if there is a correlation but it would make sense if the inflammation is decreasing then things are starting to work as they are supposed to.

As I am starting to approach the end of this cleanse, I am starting to get a little nervous about what lies on the other side. How will I add things back in? Am I going to go back to my old ways? What will I eat?

But first, what is the plan for tomorrow's meals?

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