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Day 12 & 13

It is getting close to the end, and I have learned so much! First the food. I have been on repeat because I was too busy to explore new recipes. I miss my tacos, so I made a pseudo version with some mixed vegetables cooked with a little Mexican spice. A very beautiful avocado with a little lemon and salt. So yummy. The banana smoothie was a staple in my breakfast. I told the nutritionist I was so sleepy on day 12. She suggested many things I could do including not eating rice and potatoes in the same meal. But the one thing I did was have some caffeinated ginger tea. I added coconut sugar and some almond milk. Was pretty good. Not like the original but it would do.

I also kept edamame as a staple for snack time. The 20 grams of protein that it provided was something I desperately needed. I also asked the nutritionist about why I hadn't seen much weight loss. And basically, that is not the function of the gut cleanse. It is to get the gut healthy so it can process some of the things that get added back. Afterwards, I will be able to add a vegan protein in and keep up with the weight training to see some weight loss.

There are times when I feel hungry and want to reach for a snack. This would be a time pre cleanse that I would eat some processed stuff from the pantry. It is so interesting that somehow I am able to resist eating those snacks now. Hopefully this continues when I am all done.

On the evening of day 13, I had some stressful conversations which caused dinner to be late, around 8 pm. Which of course, caused heartburn and reflux. After not having it for a few days, it was very uncomfortable.

We are going to get instructions on how to reintroduce foods back in and I am very curious. I am also curious about what my discipline will look like after.

We will see, almost to the end.

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