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Day 14 & 15

Well, it is the end of the cleanse. Yesterday was day 14 and I got on the scale. Not a great thing, but I was warned about this. The scale was up a pound. The thing that stood out to me is that nothing had changed. You know I have been pretty much eating the same things. The only thing that was different was the stressful conversation I had the night before and the late dinner. We know there is a direct correlation between stress and weight, and here was the proof right in front of me. I had maintained a pretty low stress level for most of the cleanse, even when I was super busy.

Once I figured that out, I continued with my day. I had a lot of running around to do which was fine, but it meant I needed to plan out my meals and snacks. I did cook dinner before my last meeting and made a Thai vegetarian curry. It was pretty good, lots of vegetables, but I think it became a little salty.

Today was the last day, and out of curiosity, I got on the scale and the weight was back down a pound. Very interesting that it came back down, but that is what stress can do.

I stayed the course until the evening. I was really craving a pizza so I made a cashew cream and homemade pizza sauce on a gluten-free crust with lots of vegetables. It was so good, and the cashew "cheese" was good. Probably need to tweek the recipe.

I feel good. I am ready to let you know my thoughts about the whole process tomorrow.

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