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Day 3 and 4

So I decided to combine the two days, mainly because I fell asleep on Day 3 before writing the blog. So food wise there wasn't too much variety. I started with a banana smoothie, had rice for lunch, edamame for snack and sautéed some vegetables with Mexican seasoning and made tacos with a fresh avocado. This was so good!

Yesterday's food was similar, smoothie, some idlis (rice and millet cakes) and tomato chutney, and finished off my vegetable rice for dinner. I also had a realization yesterday that was a bit of a game changer. It seems so silly that I didn't think of it before. The only thing that I have really been missing is my coffee. So I realized I could make a cold coffee. I added the almond milk, dates, and coffee with some ice in a blender. It was so much better and helped me to get that satisfaction that I had been missing.

We had dinner at a friend's place and I took my food with me. It was so interesting because as they ate appetizers or desserts which looked delicious, I was not tempted in the least. This was a crazy feeling to me. Before I would have had a bite of each thing and maybe gone back for me. I am really curious to see how many of my habits change after the fact.

I have also realized something else has started to happen. I am getting fuller sooner and staying satiated. It is crazy because before I would eat and then feel hungry and looking for something sweet. I don't have the same urge. I am guessing that it is the regulation of the blood sugar and the healing of the gut lining that is starting to happen.

The negatives: I was still having headaches and feeling bloated. I asked the nutritionist and she suggested more water, almost by double. So where I was having 64 ounces, she recommend at least 100. She also said I cannot wait that long between meals. And that has been a problem for me. I am always busy with something else. So eating gets delayed and can result in more acid production.

I am going to try to put her recommendations into place and see if that helps.

Last observation for day 3 and 4, people's reactions to what I am doing is really curious. Some are all behind it and support the discipline. Some people are flabbergasted at the restrictions and just roll their eyes. It helps that however long it took me to get here, I feel determined to feel better. So I will try almost anything.

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Feb 26

It kind of amazing that youvarent getting unconditional support for doing what you must for your health. I know there are lots of saboteurs out there, but this just confounds me. Keep on!

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