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Day 2 of The elimination Diet

So today was much better than yesterday. But I made a mistake yesterday. I thought all caffeine was banned. When I asked the nutritionist what to do about the caffeine withdrawal headache she said caffeine was allowed after eating. That made me feel so much better to have asked. I guess it pays to ask the questions. The reason for the caffeine after the food, is to lower the cortisol spike with the caffeine. The purpose of this process is to create the least stress on the body and also to make digestion a piece of cake. Ha Ha!

I woke up very tired because I had been up coughing because of the acid reflux. Hopefully it starts to settle down soon. I had a banana smoothie for breakfast and I tried to recreate it from memory, and I did something wrong. It didn't taste quite as good as yesterday. Tomorrow I will follow the recipe. There is going to be a lot of repetitions in the food items because there is so much limitation as far as the variety. But that is on purpose so the gut can heal.

I got home a little late, and I was ready to eat! I ate some of the leftover rice from yesterday and subsequently took a little nap. I found out I wasn't supposed to eat rice and potatoes in the same meal. I guess that is why I HAD to take a nap.

The rest of the day went fine. I tried to make myself a coffee in the afternoon, but I got confirmation about one thing. I like to drink coffee for the stuff, I like the cream and sugar. I am not a fan of black coffee nor do I like it with almond milk. So I think I am going to be skipping for the rest of the cleanse. Better to enjoy what I am eating and drinking. I did have a snack of edamame, which is always good.

Dinner was sauteed spinach and potatoes, okra and then two almond flour tortillas. Very satisfying meal. I finished the day with a warm cup of lemon water. I am ready for bed. But I have realized some important things. Doing something new is hard when we don't have a roadmap. When you have direction, and instruction and someone to ask questions to, it makes all the difference in the world. I haven't noticed any difference in my body, but I do feel a little better. I know it is too soon. But I am anxious to see the results.

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