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Day 8

Something is different today. It is so interesting. After a week of suffering from headaches, bloating, stomach aches, and general fatigue, I feel better today. I also crossed a huge milestone, the craving that I have had for my coffee the way I like it, is kind of going away. I didn't have any caffeine today. I am tired very early today but I didn't miss the coffee.

I have also been off of sugar, and while I suspect all of my physical ailments were from withdrawal, I am starting to lose the cravings for it. It doesn't mean in the middle of the day, I don't want some kind of junk food. I wonder if that will ever go away. But the chocolate cravings, the sweet tooth seem to have decreased substantially. It is crazy because I thought I would always be a slave to it and the people who gave it up had a special kind of determination that I didn't have. That isn't true. If I can get rid of all these things from my diet, anyone can. I am a creature of habit and I always do things the same way, and the way they have always been done. Finding alternatives has really been eye opening.

Today's food was very simple, banana smoothie in the morning, followed by edamame, and then some rice dosa (savory crepes) with sautéed mixed vegetables on the side. I finished the day with a small bowl of the Seven Sundays cereal, the cinnamon one. The ingredients are stellar.

I am off to bed, and am very grateful for ending this day feeling my better physically.

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